Month: May 2014

Humbly Vindicated

In 2011, April & August when the Anna movement was at its peak, I had repeatedly criticized their means, attitude and objective. I was ridiculed. I had said change can happen only through the parliament and not through the street. A lot of my friends said “What the hell you support corrupt people”  “you are being naive too idealistic” “At least they are doing something “.

To those cynics, to those pessimists, to those anarchists, let May 16th be a constant reminder that change is possible. The people of India have spoken. Those who Anna derided as people who vote for a bottle of liquor; well they voted but not for a bottle but for hope. What can explain the fact that a party like the BSP drew a blank other than the fact that our poorest and most oppressed classes also voted for progress.  How else do you explain Nitish Kumar’s JDU winning the same number of seat as Modi himself other than the fact that people saw through his sham secularism?  How else do you explain the communists getting the same number of seats in Bengal as the BJP other than the fact that people declared them irrelevant? How else do you explain Congress giving free jobs, free food yet getting 44 seats other that the fact that people saw through such destructive schemes?

Maybe we the anglicised people of India need to give more credit to our disadvantaged brethren. May be we need to reduce our prejudices. The hinterland has spoken in a loud enough voice; they want progress not doles; they want real growth and that they are keeping an eye on our leaders as much or may be even more than what we do.

This nation can be changed and it will be by and only by the people and that too by a people who are all equal for each man has but one vote.  It may be a slow process but its results will be long lasting.  

Lastly while they adulate him they are watching too; for if Modi were in an unlikely situation to fail, they will throw him out too.

Jai Hind